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Sri Marco Kiran and Sri Kamal Ram Das


Maya Swati Devi assistants to the organization of


They work alongside Maya Swati devi during internships and in everyday practical life.

Both were initiated on the Kaula path by Maya Swati Devi.




Lucrezia Ottoboni

500 HR certified teacher and DTY TORINO contact person.

Indologist, collaborator for the iconographic research of the book "THE TANTRIC DANCER" by Maya Swati Devi.

Lucrezia Ottoboni is a professional dancer who has dedicated herself to indological studies. He graduated in Languages and Civilizations of Asia and Africa for International Communication at the University of Turin in 2013 and obtained a PhD in Music and Entertainment at the La Sapienza University of Rome in 2018 with a thesis entitled: Memory, Transmission and Transgression in Contemporary Oḍissī Dance. A field research between libraries, schools and stages.

Her artistic career began from the age of four with classical dance and culminated during her university years with the Indian dance Oḍissī. In 2009 she undertook the study of this dance at the Multikulti Association of Turin, under the direction of Dafne Rusam Carli, who will take her, starting from 2011, to go regularly to India to learn dance in its original context. In Orissa he received highly specialized Oḍissī teaching under the supervision of the famous internationally renowned Guru Lingaraj Pradhan, exponent of Guru Kelucharan Mohapatra's paramparā.

Lucrezia has performed during numerous artistic and cultural events with performances both as a soloist and as a group in Italy and abroad.

His dance path is accompanied by the study and constant practice of Yoga, a discipline that has deepened up to obtaining the international Yoga Alliance diploma for teaching in 2014.

He is currently involved in the dissemination of Indian culture, philosophy and arts through introductory courses, seminars and in-depth meetings in the academic field in various cities of Italy.

He collaborates with Maya for internships on the Divine female and on yoga, leading the KAMASUTRA SCHOOL in Milan with Maya.

Padmini Devi (Carlotta Hinna)

DIRECT STUDENT of Maya Swati Devi since 2009, MANAGER of DEVI TANTRA YOGA ANCONA and Marche.

In the 90's he approaches and studies oriental philosophies and holistic and natural medicine techniques; path that leads her to understand the importance of balance between body, mind and spirit.

In 1998 his research path culminated in meeting Yoga, which has since become the activity par excellence to which he devotes himself daily with passion, understood immediately as a synonym of deep inner knowledge.

His experiences with Yoga begin with the gentle approach of Hatha Yoga and Tantrism.

He studied Ashtanga Yoga with Master Lino Miele direct pupil of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, for 6 years, participating in seminars in Italy and India.

IYENGAR® yoga practice since 2009 and she attended the teacher training course with Martina Alessio and Paola Porta Casucci, obtaining the official Introductory 2 diploma for teaching, issued by RIMY (Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute, Pune India.

She is registered in the teachers' register of Light on Yoga Italy

In 2009 she meets the teacher Maya Swati Devidella Sakta and Kaula tradition and begins her studies with her, obtaining the 1st level Tantra Training certificate of Tantra Yoga and Tantrism at the DEVI TANTRA YOGA school in Milan.

Authorized as the only student direct in the Marche to teach traditional Tantric yoga and Tantrism she has been conducting circles and routes since 2015 on the Divine female of the Sakta tradition at her Sakthyoga center in Ancona.

He continues his studies by becoming an active member of the Devi tantra yoga team and organizes courses and workshops with Maya Swati Devi in ​​the Marche region.


in collaboration with Sva Tantra Gokarna


WHITNEY is the head of the Tantrism and Tantra yoga school in India. Maya met Whitney during a training session in India in 2014 and have remained in contact ever since.

In 2020 they decide to start collaborating together for Teachers training in India, joining their experiences on the tantric way and their schools to spread the traditional tantrism of the Kaula and Sakta way

all over the world.


Whitney got acquainted with Tantrism in 2006. She started teaching in 2008 and for six years I participated in the management and implementation of daily programs in an ashram in India. During that time, we certified over a thousand Tantra Yoga teachers. He is currently living the teachings and celebrating the understanding of Tantra and the integration of reality itself.